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20-sim 鍵結圖理論分析軟體​​

20-sim is a modeling and simulation program for mechatronic systems. With 20-sim you can enter model graphically, similar to drawing an engineering scheme. With these models you can simulate and analyze the behavior of multi-domain dynamic systems and create control systems. You can even generate C-code and run this code on hardware for rapid prototyping and HIL-simulation.

20-sim provides you with tools that allow you to create models very quickly and intuitively. You can create models using equations, block diagrams, physical components and bond graphs. Various tool boxes help you to build your models, simulate them and analyze their performance. Download the free viewer here and learn by doing. You will find that the package has some outstanding capabilities that will help you on numerous applications in many industries.

The image above shows 20-sim with a robot model loaded. The robot is generated with the 3D Mechanics Toolbox and connected with standard actuator and sensor models from the mechanics library. The robot is controlled by PID controllers which are tuned in the frequency domain. Everything that is required to build and simulate this model is inside the package. No exteral software or compiler is needed!