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3D-Coat 模型開發軟體


易變形和 ​​​PBR

  • Microvertex,Per-pixel 或 Ptex 繪畫方法
  • 實時物理基於渲染視口與 HDRL
  • 智能材料,易於設置選項
  • 多層漆。常用混合模式。圖層組
  • 與 Photoshop 緊密的互動
  • 紋理大小高達 16k
  • 快速環境遮擋和曲率圖計算
  • 豐富的工具集的各種繪畫任務


  • 體素 (體積) 雕刻關鍵特徵:
  • 沒有拓撲約束。雕刻,你會與粘土
  • 複雜布爾運算。快速工具包搗工作流程
  • 傳統雕刻為您提供如下強大的技術:
  • 自適應動態細分 (Live Clay)
  • 幾十個快速流暢的雕刻刷
  • 邊緣清晰的布爾運算
  • 3D 打印導出嚮導。

終極 Retop​o 工具​

  • 具有用戶定義邊緣環的自動重構 (AUTOPO)
  • 快速,易於使用的手動 Retopo 工具
  • 進行重新拓撲化的參考網格的可能性
  • 使用您當前的低聚網格作為您的 retopo 網格
  • Retopo 組與調色板更好的管理​​

Easy Texturing & PBR

  • Microvertex, Per-pixel or Ptex painting approaches
  • Realtime Physically Based Rendering viewport with HDRL
  • Smart Materials with easy set-up options
  • Multiple paint Layers. Popular blending modes. Layer groups
  • Tight interaction with Photoshop
  • Texture size up to 16k
  • Fast Ambient Occlusion and Curvature map calculation
  • Rich toolset for all kind of painting tasks

Digital S​​culpting

  • Voxel (volumetric) sculpting key features:
  • No topological constraints. Sculpt as you would with Clay
  • Complex boolean operations. Fast kit bashing workflow
  • Traditional sculpting offers you such powerful technology as:
  • Adaptive dynamic tesselation (Live Clay)
  • Dozens of fast and fluid sculpting brushes
  • Boolean operations with crisp edges
  • 3D Printing Export Wizard.

Ultimate Retop​o Tools

  • Auto-retopology (AUTOPO) with user-defined edge loops
  • Fast and easy-to-use manual Retopo tools
  • Possibility to import reference mesh for retopologization
  • Use your current low-poly mesh as your retopo mesh
  • Retopo groups with color palette for better management
  • Advanced baking settings dialog

Fast & Friend​​ly UV Mapping

  • Professional toolset for creating and editing UV-sets
  • Native Global Uniform (GU) unwrapping algorithm
  • Multiple UV-sets support and management
  • Support ABF, LSCM, and Planar unwrapping algorithms
  • Individual islands tweaking
  • Lastly, it is fast, easy, and fun to use.