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Aabel 統計分析軟體​


Features summary:

  • An icon of power and modeless simplicity for professional users (modeless panels and windows do not block other activities of the application).
  • Distributed with three high quality PDF eBooks with over 1100 illustrations, providing a step-by-step guide for using the diverse features of the application, as well Quick Start Guide documentation for new users. 
  • Numerous statistical, multivariate, and exploratory data analysis modules
  • A unique data pipeline design that (i) allows real-time two-way interaction between the source worksheets and generated graphs, and (ii) is the technology behind the design of powerful data exploration tools such as X-zooming (walking through hierarchies of data by step-wise excluding and step-wise return to previous states), interactive multidimensional data filtering, and filtering based on data patterns/data regions.
  • User-controlled managing of data flow through the Statistics and Visualization Pipelines for adding power and simplicity to data analysis
  • Exploratory analytics beyond data brushing and easy to use data-reduction techniques for complex multivariate data
  • Interactive data visualization with over 160 chart types (including specialized as well as general purpose graph categories)
  • Thematic mapping (including importers for ArcView Shape Files (.shp) and Arc/Info files), map projection utilities, and different thematic map graph types
  • Multidimensional data filtering comparable to a database search for generating subsets of data using (i) the worksheet filter utility, and (ii) the graphic viewer filter utility 
  • Simple design for accessing Stats Analyzer, Chart Designer, Graphic Organizer, and Interactive Filtering from the the same window, i.e., the graphic viewer:
  • Native worksheets allowing import of diverse data formats (including the SPSS .sav files), supporting diverse variable types (continuous and nominal numeric values, string, date, trend, dip, azimuth, longitude, latitude, easting, northing), providing numerous data management tools and other utilities, and enabling a rapid glance at distribution and descriptive statistics of different variables, range control of numeric data, and more.
  • Modeless simplicity, now including over 95% of the application panels and windows
  • Support for exporting vector graphics (PDF and EPS) and bitmap formats (PNG, JPEG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, TIFF, GIF, BMP)
  • Interactive color management tools; choice of RGB vs. CMYK, creating and managing gradients
  • Continuous viewer pages, which makes it possible to generate any number of statistical output, view them by scrolling throughout the pages, use them for live presentation purposes, or export them using different options (including exporting all viewer pages as a single PDF document)
  • Graphic Organizer, a modeless panel with multiple important functions related to graphic contents of viewer pages
  • Numerous flexible customizing capabilities, majority of which modeless panels, updating any modification on the fly
  • Diverse document-independent data processing utilities including profile extractor, polygon data merger/data optimizer, trans-worksheet calculator, k-nearest neighbor and natural neighbor gridders, polynomial trend surface gridder, multi-worksheets sequential data merger, matrix cell-wise normalizer, matrix-to-matrix cell-wise operator, variable-based data transformer, 3D grid data processor, and 3D grid volume & area calculator:

Aabel 提供方便的 GUI 介面使使用者方便操作統計/多元數據分析、探索分析並能製作科學繪圖和專題製圖是個方便的數據處理工具,能產出高品質的圖形且非常實用。


  • 提供有超過 1,100 個插圖的電子書簡介,提供了一步步的建議教學,讓新使用者快速瞭解 Aabel 的不同功能。
  • 擁有許多統計、多元和探索性數據分析模組
  • 獨特的數據管道設計,允許實時雙向交互源工作表之間生成的圖,及功能強大的數據瀏覽工具
  • 能讓用戶控制管理的數據流,通過統計和可視化管道流添加簡單易懂的數據分析
  • 為複雜的多元數據分析提供探索數據縮減技術
  • 有超過 160 種的可視化交互式數據(包括專業以及通用圖形類)
  • 通用 2D,3D,矩陣,Voronoi 圖,氣泡圖的專業化的科學繪圖
  • 專業地圖投影、公用事業和不同專題圖的圖表類型
  • 多維數據過濾媲便於數據庫搜索用於使用
  • 本機工作表允許不同的數據格式(包括 SPSS 的 .sav 文件),支持不同的變量類型(連續和名義數值,字符串,日期,趨勢,傾角,方位角,經度,緯度,東,北向)的輸入,提供大量的數據管理工具和其他實用程序
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