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AdaptX 自動化資料分析軟體


AdaptX 是一個 B2B 的中介軟體用來派送文件,它是成熟、功能豐富和可調整設定的工具軟體。

AdaptX is a B2B middleware tool that has been delivering documents reliably for 10 years. AdaptX is mature, feature-rich, highly capable and configurable.

About AdaptX 

Clear and concise business dialogue is essential for productive and efficient relationships along the entire supply chain, from your supplier’s supplier to your customer’s customer. 

Every document transaction within an organisation has a cost. Not just the obvious cost of postage, stationery and data entry, but also the cost of keying errors and correspondence about confirmation. 

Xelocity has responded to these issues with AdaptX, a powerful tool that enables automated transfer of transactional documents such as sales orders, invoices, shipping notifications and inventory transfers. Not only does AdaptX automate the data flow of these documents, it also has the power to validate them, translate them to variety of formats, and deliver them in a variety of ways. 

AdaptX's functionality enables trade with multiple customers and suppliers, using their own preferred document formats and delivery preferences.

Configuring AdaptX is easy, so new document flows can be set up and implemented quickly. Scheduling, document identification, notifications and task logging provide control and the ability to manage document flows in real time.