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Addictive Drums 鼓聲編輯軟體​



  • Full Addictive Drums 2 Engine
  • Built in high quality effects
  • Professionally recorded drums
  • Choose your own content 

Addictive Drums 2 comes standard with three extraordinary drum kits including both of our acclaimed Fairfax kits (recorded at the legendary Los Angeles studio formerly known as Sound City) and the loud, large, and luxurious Black Velvet! The package includes 130 presets ranging from super-clean to highly polished and radio-ready to heavily processed and distorted. You also get our Core MIDI Library containing over 5000 inspiring beats and grooves covering many styles. You can use them as-is or easily tweak them to make them uniquely yours. 

Addictive Drums:

  • 完整的Addictive Drums功能
  • 內置高品質的效果
  • 專業錄製鼓聲
  • 輕鬆選擇您自己所需的內容 

Addictive Drums 帶有三個非凡的鼓聲工具,包括廣受好評的 Fairfax 工具 (記錄傳奇的Los Angeles studio即Sound City) 和響亮、大型豪華的 Black Velvet!您還可以含有超過 5,000 種節奏和多種風格的核心 MIDI 庫。您可以使用它們原樣或輕鬆地調整他們,使他們專屬於您,並享受您編輯後的成果。