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​Advanced Web Ranking 網站排名追蹤

  • AWR Cloud 能夠讓您獲得最新排名資訊,不用擔心報告資料過時, 使您可以花更少的時間追蹤且有更多的時間優化您的網站
  • AWR Cloud 可針對地方排名提高精確度,並把您的追蹤等級變成最可靠的參考資料來源
  • ​完整的網頁能使您的品牌更易發聲,盡顯基於 Web 的白標報告服務。將 AWR Cloud 轉成自己的域名,使它看起來就像是你自己的排名軟件
  • 讓您的 SEO 團隊充分利用 AWR Cloud 可增加生產力,降低作業時間。

網站流量是一個搜索引擎優化活動的有效最佳指標。 AWR Cloud 結合流量統計與排名追蹤數據,讓您可以輕鬆的對照 SEO所投入的努力和流量所製造出的流量結果

  • AWR Cloud API 允許你和 AWR Cloud 中的客戶端同步,您將能夠收集到的關鍵詞排名和編程管理您的 AWR Cloud項目。
  • 進行質量檢測審核您的網站,深入了解那些重要方面的 SEO 可能對您的網站性能產生負面影響

AWR Cloud 監控在 Facebook、Twitter、Google、LinkedIn 和 Pinterest 等社群媒體上的分享流量,使您更加清楚社交媒體實際上對於您生意所產生的影響程度大小​ ​

Easy rank tracking online​​

​​​​​​​No more worries about getting fresh rankings on time for reporting. AWR Cloud takes over the workload, so you can spend less time tracking and more time optimizing your websites.


Accurate loc​al rankings

Tired of guessing where your local business landed in the SERP? Use AWR Cloud to get laser - targeted local rankings with pinpoint accuracy and turn your rank tracking into the most reliable source of insights.


​​White label reporting

Give your brand a stronger voice with a full web-based, white label reporting service. Mask AWR Cloud to your own domain and it will look like it's your own ranking software.


Simplified user management​​​

Slash reporting time in half and capitalize on the productivity of your SEO Team by giving all members access to AWR Cloud.


Google analytics integration

Traffic coming to your website is the best indicator of an effective SEO campaign. AWR Cloud combines traffic stats with rank tracking data, so you can easily associate your SEO efforts with your traffic performance.


​​​​​Powerful developer API

The AWR Cloud API allows you to sync your own client programs with AWR Cloud. You will be able to gather keyword rankings and manage your AWR Cloud projects programmatically. 

​Complete SEO health check

Run a quality audit for your website to get in-depth insights about the most important SEO aspects that may negatively affect your website's performance. 


Metrics from five different platforms

AWR Cloud monitors shares from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest to give you a better understanding of the actual impact your social media activity has over your business.