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AlgoCOMs 程式開發工具


AlgoCOMs are software components providing our leading edge technology from areas like graph and network algorithms, graph layout and geometric computing to a user group developing software with C#, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, and other languages. AlgoCOMs also support Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).The different AlgoCOMs components can be used completely independently from each other.

AlgoCOMs是軟件組件提供像圖和網絡演算法,圖形佈局和幾何計算的領先科技,用戶組開發軟件使用C# , C ++ ,Java和Visual Basic中,在其他語言方面提供了領先的技術優勢。 AlgoCOMs還支持Visual Basic應用程序( VBA ) .不同AlgoCOMs組件可用於完全相互獨立。