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​Altova Authentic 程式開發工具


Altova Authentic® 2016 is a powerful XML content authoring tool and document editor. With Authentic, business users can view and edit information stored in XML documents and SQL databases, using familiar conventions from existing business forms and office productivity applications. Authentic is available as a free Community Edition as well as an Enterprise Edition and comes in both a desktop version and a browser plug-in. Authentic templates and forms are created using Altova StyleVision® 2016 – Altova’s award-winning stylesheet design tool.

Altova Authentic 是一個內容編輯器允許商業用戶直接輸入資料到XML文檔中,不用暴露底層技術。只要簡單使用字處理方式介面填充電子表單,你的內容將會立即更新。它是高級XML文檔框架處理的理想產品。關聯資料庫和XML應用是兩個最主要的資料存儲和管理機制,但是它們需求用戶掌握一定的相關技術知識。本產品具有直觀的用戶介面,允許用戶直接抓取資訊到XML文檔或者關聯資料庫中,而不用瞭解XML相關技術。