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Altova StyleVision 程式開發工具


Altova StyleVision® is an award-winning tool for designing compelling reports and forms based on XML, SQL database, and XBRL inputs. It makes the power of XSLT available in an intuitive and visual design tool, and adds rich content such as eye-catching charts, making it possible for designers and developers to focus on their target designs (in HTML, PDF, Word/Open XML, and other formats) rather than XSLT details.

Altova公司StyleVision®是一個屢獲殊榮的工具,用於設計引人注目的報告,並基於XML,SQL數據庫,和XBRL輸入的形式。這使得XSLT的強大功能,可以在一個直觀的可視化設計工具,並增加了豐富的內容,如醒目的圖表,從而使設計人員和開發人員專注於自己的目標設計(HTML,PDF,Word /打開的XML,和其他格式),而不是XSLT的細節。