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Analyse-it 分析軟體​


Analyse-it Standard Edition lets you describe and visualize data, discover the relationships between variables, and get answers to your questions. So you can make informed, intelligent decisions.​

With Analyse-it Standard Edition, you can:

  • Describe your data with a wide range of statistics.
  • Visualize distributions, see trends and patterns, and spot outliers with powerful charts from histograms to scatter plots.
  • Infer and test hypotheses to get answers on distribution parameters, differences between populations, association between variables, and much more.
  • Discover relationships between variables and identify important factors with powerful regression and model fitting techniques.
  • Get insight into highly complex data by reducing dimensionality to get a clearer picture of the underlying structure.

Analyse-it 可以將您的數據可視化並探索變量之間的關係,快速的得到問題的答案。以便您做出快速明智的決策。 

藉由 Analyse-it Standard 您可以:

  • 有廣泛的統計方法來描述您的數據
  • 將分佈統計視覺化,讓您藉由直方圖清楚表達趨勢和模式和散點圖。
  • 推斷和測試假設得到分佈參數的答案,並可判對人數和變量之間的差異。
  • 快速尋找變量之間的關係,並確定了強大的回歸和模型擬合技術的重要因素。
  • 通過降維得到底層結構更清晰的畫面獲得洞察高度複雜的數據。