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​​AQTESOLV 幫浦分析軟體​​


AQTESOLV for Windows features a comprehensive suite of analytical solutions for evaluating pumping test and slug test data in confined, unconfined, leaky and fractured aquifers.

  • Pump test, slug test and step test solutions
  • Single-Well solutions
  • Slug Test Analysis
  • Step-Test Analysis
  • Variable-Rate Analysis
  • Recovery Test Analysis
  • Constant-Head Tests
  • Delayed Response
  • Aquifer-Test Design
  • Two Aquifer Systems
  • Single Fractures
  • Partial Penetration Analysis
  • Large-Diameter Well Solutions
  • Interceptor Trench
  • Horizontal Well
  • Oscillatory Slug Tests 

Select either the Professional or Standard version of AQTESOLV for Windows to meet the requirements of your aquifer test analyses.

The Standard (STD) version provides a set of pumping test and slug test solutions comparable to other commercially available software packages.

The Professional (PRO) version offers the most complete set of aquifer test solutions. Choose the Professional version for access to sophisticated solutions and features not found in other commercially available software packages. In addition to the advanced solutions (below), the Professional version also includes Derivative Analysis and Diagnostic Flowplots (neither of these are in the standard).

AQTESOLV 為 Windows 系統上的地理功能分析軟體,不論是在密閉、非密閉、漏水和裂縫含水層等條件下都能夠評估抽水幫浦試驗和泥沙試驗數據。

選擇 AQTESOLV 的 Windows 專業版或標準版的都可以滿足您的含水層測試分析要求。

標準 (STD) 版本提供抽水幫浦測試和泥沙試驗,效能遠超果其他軟體。

專業 (PRO) 版本提供了最完整的含水層測試解決方案。