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​​​​AquaChem 水文軟體​


Water Quality Data Analysis and Reporting Software

Aquachem is a groundwater software package specifically designed for anyone working with water data. This software is ideally suited for water projects requiring management, analysis and reporting of groundwater quality data.

AquaChem's analysis tools cover a wide range of functions and calculations used for analyzing, interpreting and comparing water quality data. These tools include simple unit transformations, charge balances, statistics and sample mixing to more complex functions such as correlation matrices and geothermometer calculations

These powerful analytical capabilities are complemented by an extensive selection of commonly used geochemical plots and graphs to represent the chemical characteristics water quality data.

Why Choose AquaChem?

  • Simple and easy analysis of water quality data
  • Effortless and flexible data importing and exporting
  • Over 25 essential geochemical plots and graphing techniques including piper, schoeller, scatter, box and whisker, stiff
  • Intelligent handling of non-detect results
  • Automatic geochemical calculations of water type, sum of anions, sum of cations, ion balance, TDS, hardness and more
  • Extensive suite of statistical calculations for water quality analysis including trend analyses, alert levels, outlier tests, test for normality and more.
  • Integrated geochemical modeling with PHREEQC (available from the USGS)
  • Water quality exceedence reports for multiple water quality standards
  • Automatic ready-made reports

Aquachem 是一地下水軟體,專門為需要做水數據分析的人設計。這個軟件非常需要管理,分析地下水水質數據報告等水務項目的工作。

AquaChem 的分析工具涵蓋廣泛的分析,解釋和比較水質數據的功能和計算。這些工具包括簡單的單元轉換、收取餘額、統計數據和混合等更複雜的功能,如相關矩陣和地溫計算



  • 水質數據簡單易用的分析
  • 輕鬆和靈活的數據導入和導出
  • 超過 25 個重要的地質化學圖和繪圖技術,包括 piper, schoeller, scatter, box and whisker, stiff
  • 智能處理非檢測結果
  • 陰離子總和、陽離子總和、離子平衡、TDS、硬度和地球化學計算
  • 統計計算的擴展套件進行水質分析,包括趨勢分析、警報級別、離群測試、測試正常等等。
  • 與 PHREEQC (USGS) 綜合地質化學模擬
  • 多個水質標準的水質報告
  • 自動預設的報告