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ARMD 旋轉動力分析軟體​​​​

ARMD (Advanced Rotating Machinery Dynamics) is a new generation software package, developed by RBTS, to bring you the most advanced and complete rotor/bearing analysis capabilities for evaluating practically any bearing, rotor/bearing system, or mechanical drive train.
ARMD, unique to the world, is the only software that integrates all of these powerful analytical tools into a single package in the Windows environment! Feel free to download our demonstration software to learn how ARMD can help you solve your most-difficult rotating machinery evaluations. 

Software Overview

The ARMD package consists of five main modules:
  • Rotor Dynamics
  • Torsional Vibration
  • Fluid-Film Bearing Analysis
  • Rolling-Element Bearings
  • Lubricant Properties Calculation
ARMD has a rich variety of features, including: 
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Advanced project and file management system
  • Graphics/text capabilities
  • Intermodule communication and data exchange
All features operate seamlessly in an integrated environment.

These modules are used daily by rotating machinery manufacturers and end users around the world for design, performance prediction, failure analysis, and troubleshooting. Applications of ARMD include rotating machinery such as a miniature air turbine for a dental drill, a large turbine generator set for a power plant, a small compressor for an air conditioner, a pump for an artificial heart, a fuel pump for a jet engine, an electric motor and spindle for a miniature computer hard disk, a canned pump for a petrochemical processing plant, synchronous motor driven drive-trains, and a gear box for a uranium enrichment plant.

ARMD for Windows incorporates advanced technical and user interface features with build-in help utilities in each of its modules to simplify modeling, analysis, presentation and interpretation of results. Tutorial and step by step sample sessions with advanced graphical presentation are among the many features implemented in the new version. 

One the many new and improved modules of ARMD V5.8 is the new 3-D Shaft Viewer, which provides the user with realistic 3-D visualizations of shaft models and their simulated distortions. Features include the ability to pan, zoom, and rotate the model and scale and animate simulated distortions as calculated by the ROTLAT and TORSION dynamic simulation packages.

ARMD(Advanced Rotating Machinery Dynamics)是最新一代的軟體,為您帶來最先進、最完整的旋轉/軸承分析評估,且可應用至任何軸承或機械傳動系統。
  • 旋轉動力學
  • 扭轉振動
  • 油膜軸承分析
  • 滾動元件軸承
  • 潤滑性能計算
  • 用戶友好的界面
  • 先進的項目和文件管理系統
  • 圖形/文字能力
  • 通信和數據交換