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AUTOMGEN 氣壓模擬軟體​​​​​​​


AUTOMGEN is the reference for universal automation softwares. Created 25 years ago, the software has evolved to take advantage of the latest available technologies.

Automgen allows the creation of programs with standardized languages (IEC 1131-3, SysML), simulation on PC, code generation and downloading for PLCs and other targets (Arduino, PIC, etc.). Automgen also allows the creation of local or over Internet scada applications and 3D simulations.

Optional (adding functionalities directly usable from AUTOMGEN)

  • AUTOMSIM: adds Automsim Premium functionalities,
  • Automlab: adds numerical simulation (Matlab / Simulink type),
  • Automdaq: adds acquisition and signal processing (Labview type),
  • Pack SysML: adds the SysML language.

AUTOMGEN 是一個自動化軟體,可計算液壓,並模擬液體的運動狀況,對學生做實驗非常有幫助。其創建於25年前,該軟件擁有多年的發展經驗並擁有最新的技術。

Automgen 允許在 PC 上生成代碼並有標準化的程序語言 (IEC1131-3,SysML),能做仿真的創建。Automgen 還允許本地或互聯網 SCADA 應用和 3D 模擬的創建。


  • AUTOMSIM:增加Automsim高級功能
  • Automlab:增加數值仿真 (Matlab / Simulink仿真型)
  • Automdaq:增加了採集和信號處理 (Labview的類型)
  • SysML:添加SysML的語言。