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AutoSignal 訊號分析軟體


AutoSignal™ 讓您無須透過程式,只用鼠標點擊就能執行複雜的信號分析! 

AutoSignal™ 是第一個也是唯一的軟體能完全自動化分析信號的過程。通過消除通常所需的複雜的信號分析編程時間,節省您寶貴的研究時間。AutoSignal 的用戶界面圖形非常直觀,充分地簡化每一個方操作,從數據輸入到結果的輸出、選擇菜單、工具欄中的分析技術、接口的算法和選項都能讓您的操作更加快速。讓您方便地得到您的信號分析,並能夠以 2D 或3D 圖形加上報告摘要數字即時的以視覺圖形呈現。​

Perform complex signal analysis with a mouse click - no programming required !

AutoSignal™ is the first and only program that completely automates the process of analyzing signals. Save precious time by eliminating the programming time normally required for performing sophisticated signal analysis. AutoSignal takes full advantage of its graphical user intuitive interface to simplify every aspect of operation, from data import to output of results. Choose your analysis techniques from the menu or toolbar. Select the algorithm and options from the interface. You get immediate visual feedback with 2D or 3D graphs of your signal analysis plus numeric summaries for reports.