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Auxal 結構分析軟體​​


Fast, comprehensive analysis of data from longitudinal growth studies is now available on your desktop with the AUXAL program from SSI.

Structural Analysis with the BTT Model or the JPA2 Model
Nonstructural Analysis by Fourier Transform of Residuals or Kernel Smoothing 

The program performs both structural and nonstructural auxological analysis of human growth in standing height or recumbent length. It provides accurate fitting or smoothing of growth curves for height, velocity, and acceleration and displays the height and velocity curves in publication quality graphic output.

Maxima and minima of velocity are located and described. Data from multiple cases can be analyzed in one pass through the program and the results summarized both longitudinally and cross-sectionally.

Employing Bayesian methods of estimation, the program is able to fit the structural models to incomplete longitudinal data. This facility makes it possible to estimate a structural average curve for the full growth cycle from mixed longitudinal data consisting of a sample of short studies beginning at random ages. It also makes possible the prediction of height at maturity, or any other age, from one or more measures of height prior to maturity. 

Auxal 能從對縱向成長數據做快速、全面的分析,並擁有:
  • BTT 模型、JPA2 模型結構分析
  • 透過 Residuals 或 Kernel Smoothing 的傅立葉轉換做非結構性分析
Auxal 可對人體生長做結構和非結構性的生長分析。它提供了準確的嵌合或高度、作出速度和加速度的生長曲線,並顯示出高品質的圖形並做輸出 。


用估計的 Bayesian 方法,Auxal 能適應結構模型不完整的縱向數據。它能夠在研究初期做隨機年齡估計,也可以做成熟預測或比對不同的年齡。