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AV Voice Changer Software 聲音控制軟體​​


​Do almost anything with your voice. Or any voice.​​​​​​​

Morph and record. Cut and mix. Modify your voice or any audio file not only in real time, but also in waveform editing 

Totally control over the age and gender of your voice. And more.​​

Easily access and modify every characteristic of your voice. Your voice will sound deeper, higher, younger, older, more feminine, more masculine, or modified in any way you like; you're in charge. Thanks to the diversity of voice preferences and voice effects, each setting combination you create defines a truly unique voice that you can save and access at any time, or update/modify as you like. 

Totally control over the age and gender of your voice

Change voice in Skype? Or Facebook? Or Whatever?

The advanced virtual driver technology makes it possible to connect AV Voice Changer Software Diamond to most VoIP programs, role-playing games or web chat applications. Effortlessly.

More fun in cyberspace, but less action required. 

Best performed voice morphing algorithms.​

Natural voice qualities are always desirable. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond offers industry-leading algorithms that guarantee each audio output will be optimally processed with the best possible, natural quality.


AV Voice Changer Software可以將您的聲音或其他聲音做任何更動。​

變形和記錄、剪切和混合、AV Voice Changer Software 修改您的聲音,不僅在實時狀況下修改音檔,也可以做波形編輯。 




先進的虛擬驅動器技術,使得AV Voice Changer Software 連接到 VoIP 程序,不論是在角色扮演遊戲中的聊天室或如Skype、Facebook 網絡聊天應用都可以透過 AV Voice Changer Software 來修改聲音。讓您在網絡空間中有更多的樂趣。 


自然的聲音特質是使用者最想追求。AV Voice Changer Software 提供了業界領先的算法,保證每一個音頻輸出,都經過盡可能最好、最自然的優化處理。