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Babylon 多種語言翻譯軟體


使用滑鼠左右鍵的組合和鍵盤修改巴比倫視窗中的任何文字,只需點擊一下,會出現提供翻譯點擊的術語和定義。巴比倫是用於工具翻譯和轉換貨幣,測量和時間,以及用於獲得其他上下文字訊息。巴比倫擁有專利的 OCR 技術,單字轉換可以在任何微軟應用程式,如 Word,Outlook,Excel,IE 瀏覽器和 Adobe Reader。當被轉換時,巴比倫打開一個小視窗,顯示翻譯或定義。巴比倫提供全文翻譯,完整的Web頁面和文件全文翻譯成多種文字,並完成支援的微軟 Office。巴比倫能做Word 和文字檔的翻譯。巴比倫提供的結果,是從超過 75 種語言的 1,700 個數據庫來的。

A single click on any text using the right mouse button or combination of the right mouse button and a keyboard modifier, and the Babylon window appears providing a translation and definition of the clicked term. Babylon is a tool used for translation and conversion of currencies, measurements and time, and for obtaining other contextual information. Babylon has a patented OCR technology and a single-click activation that works in any Microsoft Windows application, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader. When activated, Babylon opens a small popup window that displays the translation or definition. Babylon provides full text translation, full Web page and full document translation in many languages and supports integration with Microsoft Office. Babylon enables the translation of Microsoft Word documents and plain text files. It offers results from a database of over 1,700 sources in over 75 languages.