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Bink Video 視頻編碼器軟體​


Bink 2 is massively better than Bink 1. You'll be shocked at how low you can drop the data rate while maintaining beautiful quality. 

And even cooler, Bink 2 can be much faster than Bink 1, due to its multi-core scaling and SIMD design (up to 70% of the instructions executed on a frame are SIMD). It is really fast - it can play 4K video frames (3840x2160) in 4 ms PCs and 11 ms PS4/Xbox One using the CPU only (or 1.4 ms PC and 2.3 ms PS4/Xbox using GPU acceleration)! 

Bink 2 is available for Windows (standard, Windows 8 Store and Windows 8 Phone), MacOS, Linux, Sony PS4, Sony PS3, Sony PSVita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and WiiU, Android and iOS. 

Bink is the defacto video codec for games. It has been licensed for over 10,000 games on 14 different platforms! 

Most game developers are shocked to find that they can get Bink videos playing in less than an hour - including tricky stuff like pixel shaders. Bink feels like a codec that you wrote custom for your game - it just works like you would expect it to. 

You can also check out what our customers think, or you can read more about Bink on your game platform. Check out the Bink version history, if you are looking for something specific.

Bink 2 是一視頻編碼軟體,其相對於 Bink 1 有很大地改善,Bink 2 因為其多核縮放和 SIMD 設計所以在速度上能大幅地提升。

Bink 2  可用於 Windows、MacOS、Linux、Sony PS4、Sony PS3、Sony PSVita、Xbox One、Xbox 360、Nintendo Wii 、WiiU、Android 及 iOS 等多個系統 

Bink 2 其實是針對遊戲設計的視頻編解碼器。已授權給超過 10,000 遊戲,14 個不同的平台! 

大多數遊戲開發商都震驚地發現,他們可以在不到一個小時的時間就能播放 Bink 的視頻,包括像 pixel shaders 這樣不好處理的東西。Bink 2 感覺就像您為您的遊戲自定義的編解碼器。可以任意地依照您的需求來操作它。