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BioTools 基因與蛋白質分析軟體


The PEP tool (Programming Environment based on Petri Nets) is a comprehensive set of modelling, compilation, simulation and verification components, linked together within a Tcl/Tk-based graphical user interface. 
  • PEP's modelling components facilitate the design of parallel systems by parallel programs (B(PN)^2 and SDL), interacting finite automata, process algebra, or high-level/low-level Petri nets.
  • PEP's compilers generate Petri nets from such models.
  • PEP's simulators allow automatic or user-driven simulation of high-level / low-level nets and may trigger simulation of the corresponding programs and/or a 3D model.
  • PEP's verification component contains various Petri net indigenous algorithms to check, e.g., reachability properties and deadlock-freeness, as well as verification algorithms. We mention Esparza's partial order based model checker, and interfaces to
    • the INA package (offering structural analysis - invariants, etc. - as well as stubborn set and symmetrically reduced state space analysis),
    • the FC2Tools (offering verification based on networks of automata),
    • SMV (offering BDD based CTL model checking) and
    • SPIN (offering LTL model checking with optional partial order reductions).
  • The PEP tool can be considered as an open platform. Further algorithms can be integrated in the user interface easily.