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BullseyeCoverage 代碼覆蓋率工具


BullseyeCoverage is a code coverage analyzer for C++ and C that tells you how much of your source code was tested. You can use this information to quickly focus your testing effort and pinpoint areas that need to be reviewed. Code coverage analysis is useful during unit testing, integration testing, and final release. BullseyeCoverage enables you to create more reliable code and save time.

BullseyeCoverage 是原始程式碼c + + 和 C,覆蓋率分析工具。您可以使用此資訊快速集中你的測試工作並查明需要檢討的地方。代碼覆蓋率分析的單元測試、 集成測試及最終發行期間很有用。BullseyeCoverage 使您可以創建更可靠的代碼,並節省時間。