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ComponentArt UI Framework 介面開發工具


ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET is a framework for building web services specialized to serve the user interface tier. It enables full server-side code reuse between ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight front ends. ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight offers user interfaces to Silverlight-based Rich Internet Applications. All Web.UI for Silverlight controls ship with five professionally-design built-in themes. ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX offers client-side richness and user interface performance. Now offering second generation web service binding through SOA.UI, ComponentArt Web.UI delivers full server-side code reuse with Silverlight applications. ComponentArt components are designed for and have been tested with all modern browsers. C# Source Code and 1 Year Subscription included.

ComponentArt UI。NET框架包括ComponentArt Win.UI,ComponentArt SOA.UI的。NET,ComponentArt Web.UI,:ComponentArt Web.UI Silverlight和ASP.NET AJAX ComponentArt Web.UI ASP.NET MVC。.NET的ComponentArt SOA.UI為是一個框架,用於構建Web服務,專業服務的用戶界面層。 ASP.NET AJAX和Silverlight前端之間實現完整的服務器端代碼的重用。 ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight中提供了用戶界面到基於Silverlight豐富互聯網應用程序的。 所有Web.UI for Silverlight控件附帶的5個專業設計的內置主題。 ComponentArt Web.UI ASP.NET AJAX提供客戶端的豐富性和用戶界面的性能。​