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​​​Comprehensive Meta Analysis 統計分析軟體 ​​​​​comprehensive-meta-analysis0.jpg

Comprehensive Meta Analysis 是用來做整合分析無可取代的工具,不管你是不是統計人員這個軟體可以迅速地帶領你進入整合分析的世界。

"Comprehensive Meta-Analysis is an indispensable tool for efficient problem solving in meta-analyses. Regardless of whether or not you are a statistician, the software leads you to the world of meta-analysis quickly. Comprehensive Meta-Analysis is extremely easy to use and understand and it is a terrific product.”

What's new in Version 3?

Version 3 includes a new module for meta-regression that
  • Allows you to include any number of covariates
  • Allows you to define sets of covariates
  • Allow you to include both categorical and continuous covariates in the model
  • Will automatically create dummy variables for categorical covariates
  • Allows you to define and compare multiple predictive models
  • Allows you to choose either the Z-distribution or Knapp-Hartung
  • Allows you to plot the regression, as well as confidence and prediction intervals
  • Automatically plots the R-squared analog
  • Allows one-click export of data to Excel
  • Allows one-click export of plots to PowerPoint and Word

Effect size for cluster-randomized studies

  • With a license for CMA, we provide a license for a second program that allows you to compute the effect-size and variance for cluster-randomized and other multi-level studies.