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Concept Star 結構分析軟體

​Concept Star 是最實際的解釋結構模型 (ISM) 軟體可用於 Windows 作業系統。它的設計是基於多年的行政決策和組織解決問題的領域的實際諮詢經驗。Concept Star 是一個非常寶貴的工具,來了解您每天的複雜問題。

Concept Star Professional ISM Software
Concept Star is the most practical Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) software available for Windows. It's design is based on many years of practical consulting experience in the area of executive decision making and organizational problem solving. Concept Star is an invaluable tool for your day to day understanding of complex issues.

ue to its intuitive human interface and automatic visual display of the relationship model. This makes it easier for users to identify thepaths or threads of thought formed by the ideas in the map in order to facilitate understanding of the situation and decision-making.

Concept Star can be used either as a personal desk top tool or it can be used by consulting professionals who wish to use the method to help their clients. Organizations pay thousands of dollars a day to consultants who offer ISM. This powerful tool can be yours to obtain competitive advantage for your personal career and for helping your organization in planning and problem solving.

As with all powerful tools, some training is required in order to make most effective use of Concept Star. Concept Star Professional ISM Software and Training Package is the only ISM package available anywhere that includes a book (Structured Decision Making with ISM) to provide in-depth training on effective use of the ISM process, in addition to the software user manual. This allows this package to be used by anyone, without the need for previous knowledge of the field or expensive professional training.

Concept star is designed for Windows Platform and supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit only).​