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CopyNotify 資料遺失防護軟體​


CopyNotify!是一個兼容性數據丟失防護軟件,用於監控用戶帳戶活動,限制通過 USB 驅動器,智能手機 (通過藍牙),互聯網 (通過便攜式調製解調器) 的未經授權的複制公司數據,



CopyNotify! is a compliance friendly data loss prevention software that monitors user account activity,  restricts the unauthorized copying of corporate data via USB Drives, Smart Phones (Via Bluetooth), the internet (via portable Modems),

Implementation of simple yet strategically designed data security techniques can reduce the occurrences of a data breach in office. The effectiveness of any data security software is based upon its suitability to the business environment as well as ease of deployment, configuration and operation.

CopyNotify! has been designed specifically keeping the small business user in mind. The software provides features allowing for effective insider data theft prevention at a very low cost of acquisition and with relative ease of deployment. Comprehensive and detailed monitoring capabilities also provide the business owner detailed tracking information of usage of critical of data and user credentials in everyday operations.