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DameWare Mini Remote Control 遠端遙控軟體

  • 用於 Windows,Mac OS X 和 Linux 計算機遠程控制軟件。共享屏幕、聊天、傳送文件,並啟動 MRC、RDP 或 VNC會話
  • 遠程連接到那些已關閉或處於損壞狀態的系統
  • 與最終用戶聊天、查明並解決問題,傳輸文件,並獲取螢幕截圖
  • 在組織成員間創建具有彈性的訪問權限
  • 安裝 MRC Client Agent Service 即可輕鬆地創造和部署 MSI 數據包
  • 強制執行安全環境和政府機構的雙重認證

  • Remotely control Windows®, Mac OS® X, and Linux® computers
    Remote control software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers. Share screens, chat, transfer files and initiate MRC, RDP or VNC sessions. 
  • Connect to out-of-band computers with Intel® AMT using KVM
    Remotely connect to systems that are powered-off or in a crashed state. 
  • Chat with end-users during remote support sessions
    Chat with end-users to pinpoint and resolve issues, transfer files, and capture screenshots. 
  • Manage remote access privileges
    Create flexibile access permissions to remote computers based on roles in your organization. 
  • Customize and automatically deploy remote control agents
    Easily create and deploy custom MSI packages for the installation of the MRC Client Agent Service. 
  • Securely connect with remote Smart Card authentication
    Enforce two-factor authentication in security sensitive environments and government agencies.​