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​​DecisionPro 決策分析軟體


DecisionPro ​是決策支持分析和業務建模功能強大的應用程式。這將幫助您做出業務決策更可能通過為您提供了豐富的風險處理,規劃隊伍的行動,並比較競爭替代品,其中未來的結果不確定組技術產生了良好的效果。

DecisionPro 結合所有的管理基本定量方法與電子表格功能,人工智能工具和數學應用產生先進的商業模型系統。與電子表格插件和特殊用途的實用程序,決策Pro的分析能力已設計對入核心產品,讓您多種定量方法結合無縫集成到先進的商業模式。

DecisionPro is a powerful application for decision-support analysis and business modeling. It will help you make business decisions that are more likely to yield favorable results by providing you with a rich set of techniques for dealing with risk, planning contingent actions, and comparing competing alternatives where future outcomes are uncertain.

DecisionPro combines all of the basic quantitative methods in management with features of spreadsheets, artificial intelligence tools, and math applications to produce an advanced business modeling system. Unlike spreadsheet add-ons and special-purpose utilities, DecisionPro's analytic capabilities have been designed right into the core product allowing you to combine a variety of quantitative methods seamlessly into advanced business models.