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​​DecisionScript 智慧網站建構軟體


DecisionScript is a powerful Web-authoring and Web-server application that turns your static Web site into an engaging, interactive tool. Using a simple series of questions and answers, DecisionScript can help your customers determine which of your products best meet their needs; or, quickly get help from an interactive help desk. Used in-house, DecisionScript allows employees to enter data directly into your corporate Intranet to publish real-time, graphical information for use throughout your company.

Without DecisionScript, communication between a visitor and your Web server is traditionally stateless. That is, your server does not keep any information about a visitor from one request to the next--it just serves up pages. With DecisionScript, visitors enter into a session with your server and each session can be retained by DecisionScript for reference during future sessions with that visitor. Information presented to a visitor during a session is dependent on all previous activity with that particular visitor. This allows you to build Wizard-style applications that guide users through a decision-making process.

Building scripts using DecisionScript is far quicker and much less expensive in terms of development time than CGI programming, Active Server Pages, and similar methods of server-side scripting. This speed and low cost makes it possible to build applications that change frequently. In addition, DecisionScript's efficiency allows you to build complex systems such as medical diagnostic tools--applications that simply cannot be built using traditional Web development tools.