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​​Didger Suite 圖形數位化軟體


Didger is a highly accurate digitizing program that will be an invaluable addition to your software library. In seconds, Didger precisely transforms points, lines, or areas from your paper maps, graphs, aerial photos, scanned raster images, imported vector files, or GeoTIFF images to a versatile digital format you can use with your other software. You name it and Didger can handle it quickly, accurately, and usefully. With Didgermultitude of features and ease-of-use, this is an unbelievable value, considering the time and effort you will save!! You will soon wonder how you have done your job without this indispensable tool.

支援各種地球座標投影系統和GPS,含UTM(Universal Transverse Mercator), Albers Equal Area, Orthographic, Stereographic, State Plane等等,並可以直接轉換UTM及Lat/Long座標互換。是地理資訊系統不可或缺的工具,也是各研究計畫指定的圖形數位軟體,Didger是一個高精度的數位軟體,可將您的XY及等高線圖形上的點、線、面轉成數位格式,線性對數座標一樣處理自如,支持各種輸出格式:Text[、DAT] 、Golden[BLN] 、Altas[BNA] 、AutoCAD[.DXF] 、[WMF] 、[BMP];可與Surfer、Grapher、MapViewer完美搭配。​