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Diffpack 偏微分方程式軟體

Diffpack 是偏微分方程的解決方案,它是一個物件導象的開發架構。Diffpack 是基於最新發展的物件導向,對於客戶而言,這意味著無與倫比的靈活性,同時滿足對計算效率的嚴格要求。

有超過 350 Diffpack 用戶在超過 30 個國家,包括主要工業企業,諮詢公司,軟件供應商,研究機構和大學等不同領域如石油,天然氣,工程機械,通訊,醫藥和金融。

Diffpack is an object oriented development framework for the solution of partial differential equations. Customers select Diffpack because it supports their need for flexibility, insight and control.

Diffpack is based on the latest developments in Object-Oriented Numerics. For customers this means unsurpassed modeling flexibility while satisfying the strictest demand for computational efficiency.

There are more then 350 Diffpack users in more than 30 countries, including major industrial enterprises, consulting companies, software vendors, research institutions and universities in such diverse areas as oil and gas, mechanical engineering, telecommunication, medicine and finance.