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DocOne 整合電子資料工具軟體


DocOne 是一個工具軟體,用來協助設計局/設計器中集成了設備的所有必要的信息。DocOne 可以用來打包的 EDWIN 項目,觀眾的原理圖和 PCB 佈局和單一光盤的所有相關文件。

在 EDWinXP 的幫助下創建項目數據庫作為所需要的製造,測試和印刷電路板的裝配文件的來源。文件指的是印刷電路板僅是電子產品的完整文檔只是一部分。這樣的文檔要複雜得多,並且通常分佈在各種不同的格式以上的介質的混合物。內容和結構有所不同,從產品到產品。有可能是印刷品,如用戶指南和其它手冊,包含攝影圖片,圖表及機械製圖。在服務手冊中的信息可能還包括數據表在產品中使用的電子部件。故障指示要求預期的信號特徵,有時圖形可視化在數字化,電壓或電流波形的形式選定的測試點。

DocOne is a tool to assist the Design Bureau/Designer in integrating all the required information of a device. DocOne can be used to pack an EDWin project with viewers for Schematic and PCB Layout and all the related documentation on a single CDROM.

Project databases created with help of EDWinXP serve as a source of documents needed for manufacturing, testing and assembling of printed circuit boards. Documents referring to PCBs only are just a part of full documentation of electronic products. Such documentation is much more complex and is usually spread in various formats over a mixture of media. The contents and structure varies from product to product. There may be printed matters, such as user’s guides and other manuals, containing photographic pictures, diagrams and mechanical drawings. Information in service manuals may also include data sheets for electronic parts used in the product. Troubleshooting instructions require sometimes graphical visualization of expected signal characteristics at selected test points in form of digital, voltage or current waveforms.

What benefits you gain by applying solution offered by DocOne See examples below:
  • is the single source of information for anyone involved in manufacturing, servicing and using your product.
  • When you send this CD to the PCB manufacturer, he may easily extract all artwork files and NC-Drill programs together with your detailed instructions how to proceed. He won’t need any special software for this.
​In future, if the client wishes to review or troubleshoot any errors in the design, DocOne will be a valuable tool since it contains all the necessary information of the project. DocOne includes the product documentation such as design documents, production documents, installation instructions, maintenance and servicing manuals, firmware, source code, test procedures and test reports, in addition to Board details, Gerber Files, NCD files, Pick and Place files etc.
Your PCB manufacturer will find the artwork files, your client will find user's manual and your service engineer will find troubleshooting instructions. The data are simple to create and their contents are easy to maintain to date. Has your service manual become obsolete and should be re-issued? Don’t worry, costly reprints are not needed. Just correct what's necessary in your product database using DocOne and burn a new CD. You won’t spend much money on reproducing CD!