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DSATools 電力系統模擬軟體


The DSAToolsTM suite is the next-generation of power system analysis tools and provides the complete assessment of system security including all forms of stability.The DSAToolsTM provide a complete toolset for power system planning and operational studies. In addition to rich modeling capabilities and leading-edge computational methods, the software is highly automated and ca​​​n provide engineers with significant productivity improvements. 

The key components in the suite, PSAT, VSAT, TSAT, and SSAT, have also been designed to be used for on-line dynamic security assessment (DSA). In this mode, the software is connected directly to a power system's energy management system (EMS) and computes power system security in a continuous cycle. The software provides system operators with important information about power system security limits, critical contingencies, and remedial actions needed to prevent system failures

DSAToolsTM 套件是最新的電力系統分析工具,並提供系統安全的全面評估,包括所有形式的穩定性。DSAToolsTM 提供電力系統規劃和操作研究的完整工具集。除了豐富的建模能力和領先的計算方法,該軟體還是高度自動化,並能提供工程師顯著的生產力提升。 

在關鍵部件的套件,PSA、VSAT、TSAT 和 SSAT 也被設計用於在線動態安全評估(DSA)。在這種模式下,該軟件被連接到電力系統的能量管理系統(EMS)和一個連續循環計算電力系統的安全性。該軟件提供了系統操作員有關需要防止系統故障電力系統的安全限制、關鍵突發事件和補救措施的重要信息。