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​​DTREG predictive modeling program 先進預測系統發展軟體

DTREG 是一個強大的應用程式,在任何 Windows 系統上安裝方便。DTREG 很容易讀取從幾乎任何資料來源創建的逗號分隔值 (CSV) 資料檔案。 

一旦創建您的資料檔案,只要餵到 DTREG,並讓 DTREG 做所有的工作創建決策樹、 支援向量機、K-均值聚類、線性判別函數、 線性回歸或 Logistic 回歸模型,甚至可以在幾分鐘內設置更複雜的分析。 

DTREG 可以生成分類樹,被預測的目標變數是分類和迴歸樹目標變數是連續的,像是收入或銷售數量。

DTREG is a robust application that is installed easily on any Windows system. DTREG reads Comma Separated Value (CSV) data files that are easily created from almost any data source.

Once you create your data file, just feed it into DTREG, and let DTREG do all of the work of creating a decision tree, Support Vector Machine, K-Means clustering, Linear Discriminant Function, Linear Regression or Logistic Regression model. Even complex analyses can be set up in minutes.

DTREG can build Classification Trees where the target variable being predicted is categorical and Regression Trees where the target variable is continuous like income or sales volume.​