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​edtFTPj / SSL Java程式開發工具


edtFTPnet / PRO is a .NET library which allows developers to add file transfer capabilities to their applications with minimal effort.

edtFTPnet/PRO implements standard FTP and FTPS (explicit and implicit modes), which is fast becoming the defacto standard for secure FTP. It also supports SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxies. Built on the solid foundation of the stable and mature edtFTPnet code-base, edtFTPnet/PRO benefits from the robustness that years of open-source development and thousands of installations brings.

Unlike edtFTPnet, this is a commercial product. It uses the edtFTPnet API, so it is straightforward to upgrade an existing edtFTPnet application to use SOCKS or SSL. 

edtFTPj/PRO是一款利用 Java 語言編寫的 FTP 用戶端程式。這個程式可以幫助軟體開發人員花費最少的時間並只作少量的修改, 就能將豐富的文件傳輸功能加入到他們的軟體中