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EDWinXP 電子商品設計軟體


EDWinXP 是 EDA 軟件包的電子產品自動化設計。這種集成工具涵蓋了電子設計過程中的所有階段- 原理圖擷取,模擬, PCB 佈局設計,PCB 製造和測試的產生。完整的設計信息都存儲在集成項目中由原理圖編輯器,PCB 佈局編輯器,製作輸出管理器和模擬器同時訪問。

這個模擬器提供 EDWinXP 用戶提供的設施,以分析和驗證中的示意圖的形式捕獲電路的功能和行為。該 EDSpice 模擬器是基於 SPICE3F5 和 XSPICE 與一些擴展和改進。前面的所有設計變更和背面標註是完全自動的。 ​

EDWinXP, the integrated solution in Electronics design world. Fast, Flexible,Ease of designing which takes a designer from Schematic to the fabrication within fraction of time with very less investment. 

EDWinXP is an fully integrated EDA software package for automated design of electronic products. This integrated tool covers all stages of electronic design process -schematic capture, simulation, PCB layout design, generation of PCB manufacturing and testing documentation. 

EDWinXP comprise of Schematic Editor, Simulators-Mixed Mode Simulator and EDSpice simulator, PCB Layout Editor-Create the PCB Layout,Fabrication Manager-generate manufacturing output files for Photoplotter, NC Drill etc. 
EDWinNET 1.0 Standard version comes with all Standard features of EDWinXP. This is the conversion and movement of EDWinXP to a new platform, .NET. Circuit designs can be front and back annotated i.e. a design may be started either from Schematic Editor or PCB Layout and design information is automatically updated.