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​​​​​​​​ExpertFit 統計分析軟體 ​​​​​

ExpertFit 可以自動且準確地決定出最能代表您的資料數據的概率分布,ExpertFit​ 有 40 種分佈,30 種高品質的圖形曲線。

ExpertFit will automatically and accurately determine which probability distribution best represents your data set, and typically will do so in less than a second. ExpertFit has 40 distributions, 30 high-quality graphical plots, 4 technically correct goodness-of-fit tests, sample sizes of 100,000, interactive histograms, extensive support for simulation modeling, a distribution viewer, batch mode, comprehensive context-sensitive help, and a User’s Guide with 8 complete examples.

Don't be mislead by other distribution-fitting packages that have a small fraction of ExpertFit's features, inferior distribution-selection algorithms, statistically invalid goodness-of-fit tests, and limited graphics and documentation.