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Eziriz .NET Reactor / IntelliLock 程式保護軟體​​


.NET Reactor is a powerful .NET code protection system which completely stops any decompiling. Developers are able to protect their software in a safe and simple way without worrying how to protect their intellectual property 

.NET Reactor prevents decompilation by a variety of methods which convert your .NET assemblies into processes which no existing tool can decompile ( and which are also very likely to prevent decompilation by any future tool). .NET Reactor builds a native code wall between potential hackers and your .NET assemblies by producing a file which cannot be understood directly as CIL. Because the CIL in your assembly is emitted intact only at run time or design time (in a form in which the source is completely inaccessible), no tool is capable of decompiling .NET Reactor protected assemblies. 

The native code wall created by .NET Reactor between the hacker and your source includes industry leading NecroBit technology, which is exclusive to .NET Reactor. .NET Reactor's protection has never been broken since the first release in 2004. These technologies make reconstruction of your source code more difficult by so many orders of magnitude that NecroBit is by far the most effective protection you can use for .NET assemblies. 

In addition to industry leading intellectual property protection, .NET Reactor provides powerful options for securing you revenue stream by enforcing licensing terms with a rich variety of trialversion and full version locks. 

IntelliLock is an advanced 100% managed licensing solution for controls and applications. IntelliLock combines strong license security, highly adaptable licensing functionality/schema with reliable assembly protection. 

You can also set Expiration Days, Expiration Date, Global Time and Executions limits an IntelliLock locked assembly. When license locks expire, your customer must acquire a further license to further use your product. 

By combining trial locks with license locks (license files which are restricted itself) you can impose any limitations on software use you desire. Most importantly, without writing a line of code to do so, you can show off your wares to your market.


.NET Reactor 是一個功能強大的 .NET 代碼保護系統,該系統完全停止任何反編譯。開發人員能夠以一個安全和簡單的方式保護他們的軟件,而不必每天擔心要如何保護自己的知識產 

.NET Reactor 防止各種轉換您 .NET 裝配的反編譯,(並且也很容易通過任何未來的工具,以防止反編譯) .NET Reactor 透過產生不能直接理解為 CIL 的文件以建立潛在黑客和您的 .NET 組件之間的本機代碼壁。因為組件中的 CIL 僅在運行時或設計時發出,因此沒有任何工具能夠反編譯 .NET Reactor 保護的組件。 

除了行業領先的知識產權保護,.NET Reactor 透過強制許可條款為收益流保護提供了豐富多樣的試驗和完整的鎖等選項。 

IntelliLock 是先進的控制和應用託管授權解決方案。IntelliLock 結合強大的許可安全性,適應性強牌的功能/提供可靠的保護裝配模式。 

通過對軟件附加鎖,您可以自由地分發產品試用或評估, 您還可以設置到期日、全球時間和處決限制 IntelliLock 鎖定裝配。當執照鎖到期,客戶必須獲得進一步的許可證,以進一步使用你的產品。 

透過試驗用鎖許可 (自身限制的許可文件) 結合,您可以加強處理任何您想要的軟件限制。最重要的是,不用編寫程式,您就可以將您的商品進入市場。