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FICO Xpress Optimization Suite 最佳化求解軟體

​橋接數據和分析在現今非常的重要,能使使用者從被動變成主動,以客戶為中心做出決定。此一轉變包含了一項重要的功能是指令性的分析,能優化您的工作 - 即確定業務是否和目標正確組合,以確定在競爭日益激烈和頻繁的破壞性市場上採取最好的行動。 

在過去的 30 年裡,FICO Xpress Optimization Suite 一直在幫助各種領域的企業,不論公司的大小和規模都站在最前線協助他們,從先進電子表格和 BI 來分析決定。作為世界上首屈一指的數學建模和優化解決方案,Xpress 協助營運研究人員、分析師、顧問和其他專業人士,利用可擴展的高性能算法、靈活的建模環境以及快速應用和報告輕鬆地創建、部署和使用業務優化解決方案,並能部署功能和雲安裝。

Today, bridging data and analytics is critical for organizations to make the leap from reactive to proactive, customer-centric decisions. A critical capability inherent in this transformation is prescriptive analytics, which is powered by optimization - namely, determining the right combination of business constraints and goals to determine the best action(s) to take, in increasingly competitive and often disruptive markets. 

For the past 30 years, FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite has been on the forefront of helping businesses across multiple industries, of all shapes and sizes, evolve from spreadsheets and BI to prescriptive analytic-powered decisions. As the premier mathematical modeling and optimization solution in the world, Xpress allows operations researchers, analysts, consultants and others to easily create, deploy and utilize business optimization solutions based on scalable high-performance algorithms, a flexible modeling environment, and rapid application and reporting capabilities for on-premises and cloud installations.