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​​​FinTools 金融資產定價分析軟體​​​ ​​​​​​​fintools0.jpg


FinTools XL

FinTools XL is an extensive library of functions for the financial professional. It integrates seamlessly with Excel as an "Add-In"  to deliver advanced analytical functionality in a flexible and user-friendly package.

FAS123 Toolkit​

The FAS123 Toolkit is an easy-to-use software toolkit that provides custom functions, templates and “wizards” for compliance with FAS 123R and SEC regulations.

Option Tracker

Option Tracker™ is designed to streamline Employee Stock Option (ESO) and Restricted Stock (RS) administration, valuation and financial reporting.


FinCalc provides a user-friendly graphical interface around our function library. The options, exotics, bonds and volatility calculators can be used for rapid “what-if” analysis as well as superb educational aids.