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Foxit PDF IFilter 數位鑑識軟體


​​市場上最快的搜索工具,幫助您快速搜索 PDF 文件 

Foxit PDF IFilter 實現了超快索引技術,通過指定搜索條件,對大量 PDF 檔案進行索引,而快速定位到所需文件。Foxit PDF IFilter 使用微軟 IFilter 索引介面,通過從 PDF 文件中擷取資料然後向搜尋引擎返回索引結果來進一步實現搜索功能。它可以對PDF文件文字內容、標題、主題、作者、關鍵字、PDF 公事包屬性內容、注釋內容、標準 PDF 表單和 XFA 表單的文字和資料、書籤、附件、建立日期、頁碼以及建立工具等資訊進行索引,提高了搜索結果的準確性,性能遠遠超過 Adobe®。利用 Foxit PDF IFilter,您可以在微軟桌面、企業伺服器或者網路上,指定關鍵字快速地搜索出任何一個您想要的 PDF 文件,不受 PDF 檔案大小的限制。這裡所指的 PDF 文件可以是檔案,也可以是郵件附件或資料記錄。


Foxit PDF IFilter 通過釋放高階伺服器構架的運算能力來實現高效的搜索功能,與其同類競爭產品不同,它的設計大大地利用了多核伺服器架構,執行緒安全性高,適用於 32 位元和 64 位元的作業系統,堪稱最快的 PDF 索引軟體。


Foxit PDF IFilter 具有性能優越、可擴展性強等特點,有助於降低伺服器硬體設備成本、減少資料中心佔有量、節省電力和冷卻費用、降低管理成本,可有效節約使用者採購預算。


Foxit PDF IFilter 支援多國語言(包括亞洲語言和從右向左書寫的語言),符合 ISO 32000-1索引標準(基於 PDF1.7 標準)和 PDF-A 檔索引標準,可與 Adobe PDF 檔案相容。

Search for PDF Documents with the Fastest PDF IFilter on the Market

Foxit's PDF IFilter provides super-fast indexing allowing users to index a large amount of PDF documents and then quickly find desired documents by specifying search criteria. Built on Microsoft®'s IFilter indexing interface, Foxit PDF IFilter extracts data from PDF documents and returns the index results to search engine software. It goes beyond Adobe® and indexes PDF content, titles, subjects, authors, keywords, PDF portfolios, annotations, text and data from forms (both standard PDF and XFA forms), bookmarks, attachments, create time/date, number of pages, and the names of the creating applications. This results in more precise search results. PDF documents can be rapidly searched on the desktop, a corporate server, or via the Web through keywords. These PDF documents can be files, email attachments, or database records.

Unique Multi-Core Support Delivers Fastest Search Available

PDF IFilter is designed to unleash the computing power of today's advanced server architectures to perform crawls at blazing speeds. Unlike other IFilter products, it takes full advantage of today's multi-core server architectures, is thread safe, and is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems - making it the absolutely fastest PDF IFilter available.

Reduces Customers Total Cost of Ownership

PDF IFilter's superior performance and scalability reduce customers' total cost of ownership through decreased costs of server hardware, data center floor space, power and cooling, and administration.

Compatible with Your Existing Environment

Foxit PDF IFilter supports multiple languages, including Asian languages and right-to-left languages, with ease. PDF IFilter supports indexing of ISO 32000-1 (which based upon PDF 1.7), PDF-A, and Adobe PDF files.