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GAMS 作業研究軟體

GAMS 是特別為線性,非線性和混合整數模型的最優化問題而設計。該系統對大的,複雜的問題特別有用。 GAMS 可用於在個人電腦,工作站,大型機和超級計算機的使用。 

The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is specifically designed for modeling linear, nonlinear and mixed integer optimization problems. The system is especially useful with large, complex problems. GAMS is available for use on personal computers, workstations, mainframes and supercomputers.

GAMS allows the user to concentrate on the modeling problem by making the setup simple. The system takes care of the time-consuming details of the specific machine and system software implementation.

GAMS is especially useful for handling large, complex, one-of-a-kind problems which may require many revisions to establish an accurate model. The system models problems in a highly compact and natural way. The user can change the formulation quickly and easily, can change from one solver to another, and can even convert from linear to nonlinear with little trouble.