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​​​GEMPACK 一般均衡模型軟體 ​​​​gempack0.jpg

GEMPACK (General Equilibrium Modelling PACKage) is a suite of economic modelling software. It is especially suitable for computable general equilibrium (CGE) models, but can handle a wide range of economic behaviour. 
  • GEMPACK enables modellers to solve very large systems of non-linear equations.
  • Once the model equations have been specified using an algebra-like notation, modellers are freed from the computing details of the solution process.
  • The GEMPACK software calculates accurate solutions of the economic model.
  • All features (basic and advanced) are fully documented. 
  • Detailed instructions (including many hands-on examples) help new users to get started.
  • GEMPACK Windows programs help you visualize and explore code, data and results.
  • GEMPACK contains powerful capabilities for solving recursive-dynamic and fully-intertemporal models.
  • Prompt feedback is given when problems are reported.
  • We present regular training courses. Or, try the free, introductory-level Minimal course. No additional software is needed.
  • GEMPACK is effective as a teaching tool, for classroom use.
  • GEMPACK is used in over 400 organisations in over 90 countries .
  • GEMPACK is continually improved -- latest release is GEMPACK 11.3.​​