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GeneXproTools 建模軟體​​


屢獲微軟殊榮的 GeneXproTools 是一個非常靈活的建模工具,它設計用於 logistic 回歸、分類、時間序列預測和邏輯綜合。 GeneXproTools 非常容易使用,而且非常容易導入您的數據,點擊一個按鈕就可以創建一個偉大的模型。 GeneXproTools 有五個版本:家庭,標準版,高級版,專業版和企業版。學術版本也以半價販售給教育機構和學生。 

GeneXproTools 可以處理成千上萬的數據集,並毫不費力地找最顯著的特點和它們之間的關係。GeneXproTools 也是一個非常人性化的應用程序簡化了所有類型的數據儲存,並包含原文本文件數據庫和 Excel 電子表格。您不需要了解任何編程語言就可以來創建強大和精確的模型。GeneXproTools 提供了所有必要的工具來分析數據、處理數據集、生成模型、並分析它們,然後立即將其應用到其他部分產生新的數據庫。如果您想將生成的模型與其他應用程序集成,GeneXproTools 可將代碼翻譯成多達 19 種不同的編程語言 (Ada語言,C,C ++,C#,Excel的VBA,Fortran 語言,Java和JavaScript 的,MATLAB,八度,帕斯卡爾,Perl的,PHP,Python中,R時,Visual Basic,VB.Net,Verilog和VHDL)。​

Microsoft award winning GeneXproTools is an extremely flexible modeling tool designed for Regression, Logistic Regression, Classification, Time Series Prediction, and Logic Synthesis. GeneXproTools is very easy to use and and is in fact as easy as importing your data and then clicking a button (the Start button) to create a great model. GeneXproTools is available in five editions: Home, Standard, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. Academic Versions are also available at half price for education institutions and students. 

Run Panel of GeneXproTools 5.0 with Scatter Plot - Regression Platform

GeneXproTools can process datasets with tens of thousands of variables and effortlessly extract the most significant features and their relationships. GeneXproTools is also a very user-friendly application simplifying the access to all types of data stores from raw text files to databases and Excel spreadsheets. You don't need to know any programming language to create powerful and accurate models. GeneXproTools provides all the necessary tools to clean and analyze your data, handle your datasets, generate models, analyze them and then apply them immediately to any new database using its flexible scoring engine. If you want to integrate the generated models with other applications, GeneXproTools lets you translate the code to up to 19 different programming languages (Ada, C, C++, C#, Excel VBA, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, Matlab, Octave, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Visual Basic, VB.Net, Verilog, and VHDL).