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​​​​GeoCoPS 大地工程軟體​​


GeoCoPS is an interactive program for the design of geosynthetic tubes. For a given problem, the geometry of the tube and the circumferential and longitudinal required strength of the encapsulating geosynthetic are produced. The computations account for reduction factors related to seam strength, durability, creep and installation damage. Results are obtained by solving a differential equation subjected to design constraints. The user, however, is not directly involved with the calculations thus no knowledge of differential calculus is needed... GeoCoPS can also provide the consolidated shape of the tube in an approximated manner. This may be important for assessing storage capacity or for construction of structures such as levees.

GeoCoPS 為一為土工合成管、紗腸管設計的交互式程式。產生該管的幾何形狀和包封土工合成的週向和縱向所需的強度。計算傷害減少因素相關的佔縫強度、耐用性、抗蠕變和安裝。結果通過求解經受設計約束的微分方程得到。然而,使用者不需自己計算,因此也不需要有微積分等相關知識,GeoCoPS 也可以提供一個近似方式的合併形狀。這可能是用於評估的存儲容量或建築結構的重要,如堤壩。