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​​Geometry Expressions 幾何符號軟體



Geometry Expressions is a specially designed geometric mathematical notation graphics software  it is easy by a variety of dynamic graphic , and digital geometry displayed.

For Engineering​

  • Create conceptual designs and generate explicit mathematics
  • Copy the mathematics to Maple or Mathematica for further analysis or optimization
  • Visualize by pasting results back into Geometry Expressions
  • Document your analysis by exporting drawing and mathematics into your office suite

For Education​

  • Mathematical problems emerge naturally from real world situations
  • Geometry is fully integrated into the rest of mathematics
  • Students can be exposed to problem formulation and idealization
  • Choose appropriate solution technique: numeric, automated symbolic, or by-hand 

Geometry Expressions是一套專為幾何數學設計的符號繪圖軟體,它藉由各種方便的動態繪圖功能,將數字與幾何圖形展示出來。

For Engineering​​​

  • 創建概念設計,並產生明確精準的數學計算
  • 可搭配Maple和Mathematica並作進一步的分析和優化
  • 通過貼上將幾何圖形視覺化表達
  • 通過繪圖導出和精準數學計算記錄您的分析

For Education​​

  • 將數學問能應用至生活表達
  • 幾何圖形與數學符合完整整合
  • 讓學生更可以接觸到問題公式並學習解決​