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​​GeoStudio 大地工程有限元素軟體



GeoStudio now offers full support for Partial Factor Analysis in SLOPE/W. This improvement will allow the ultimate limit state to be analyzed in accordance with limit state design approaches, including Eurocode 7, Norwegian Standard 3480, and British Standard 8006. Factors can be applied to actions, material properties (i.e. soil strength parameters), and resistances used by the limit state analysis. The calculated factor of safety should be interpreted as an “over-design” factor. GeoStudio 是原來的 GEO-SLOPE Office 軟體

  • SLOPE/W 坡度穩定性分析
  • SEEP/W 地下水滲流分析
  • SIGMA/W 壓力和變形分析
  • QUAKE/W 地震有限元分析
  • CTRAN/W 污染物分析
  • TEMP/W 地熱分析 
  • AIR/W 氣流分析
  • VADOSE/W 地下水層非飽和區滲流分析