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GINO 程式開發工具


GINO - The 2D and 3D graphics toolkit for professional application development.

GINO is a programmable toolkit providing over 450 routines and functions for developing professional 2D and 3D graphics applications. The library includes functionality from basic line drawing, fonts, polygons and images to full 3D OpenGL features such as facets, bezier surfaces, lighting, shading and texture-mapping. Metafile input/output includes DXF, JPEG, PNG, ICO, BMP, CGM, Postscript and WMF. 

GINO是一個可編程的專業的2D和3D圖形應用程序開發工具包,提供超過450個程序和功能。該庫包括從基本路線圖,字體,多邊形和圖像,以全3D OpenGL功能方面,Bezier曲面,照明,陰影和紋理映射等功能。圖元文件的輸入/輸出DXF,JPEG,PNG,ICO,BMP,CGM,Postscript和WMF。

用於結合互動模式和 GUI 功能的 GINOMENU,GINO可以產生強大的專業型式的應用程式。