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GINOMENU Studio 程式開發工具


GINOMENU Studio contains all the components required for building sophisticated GUI applications. Menu bars, dockable tool bars, status bars, data entry controls and graphics controls are dropped onto the design grid and then their properties can be altered showing you exactly what the application is going to look like. Code can then be added to any event associated with each control and this can be linked to user-code either internal or external to the project. 

GINOMENU Studio 是 Fortran 程式設計師完全互動式的 GUI 產生器和發展環境。應用程式開發變得更便捷,使用拖放的視覺設計、 完全集成的回檔編輯器、編碼錯誤追蹤器和運行時的專案管理器。