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GoAnimate 線上動畫製作​​​​​


GoAnimate's mission is to enable businesses, schools, and individuals to make videos — quickly and easily. 

Videos could and should be everywhere. Businesses use them to explain complex topics, train employees, or just show their soft side. Teachers and students use them to exercise higher-order learning skills, such as creativity and critical thinking, in the classroom. 

What's the problem? Making a video is hard. People perceive it as one of those black-box processes they can't even wrap their head around. If they think it through (most mentally run screaming before even getting this far), they think it's going to take a long time, cost a lot, and be really, really hard. 

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GoAnimate 的使命是使企業、學校和個人更容易迅速的製作動畫視頻。 


  • 製作視頻是很難的?但 GoAnimate 可以快速地協助您
  • 提升您基於場景的在線學習
  • 保持視頻內容安全和方便,以僅供內部使用
  • 影片新手想在 YouTube 上獲得影片贊助
  • 營銷人員的動畫視頻製作
  • 嵌入營銷視頻至電子郵件
  • 強大的功能影片功能如分鏡、場景、語音,GoAnimate 提供多樣精緻的樣板供您使用,讓動畫角色更活潑生動。