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​​​​GPS-X 廢水處理軟體​​​


GPS-X is the most advanced tool available for the mathematical modeling, simulation, optimization and management of wastewater treatment plants.

The user-friendly drag and drop interface and comprehensive database of unit processes allows users to quickly and easily assemble a treatment plant model, enter characterization data, and run simulations.

Develop and optimize advanced control schemes, predict effluent quality under varying conditions, conduct planning and capacity analysis or offer sophisticated training and development programs with a dynamic model of your actual or proposed plant.

GPS-X was the first commercially released dynamic wastewater treatment plant simulator and still remains the solution of choice today.


GPS-X 是可用於數學建模、模擬、廢水處理優化和管理的最先進的工具。



GPS-X 是第一個商業發行的動態污水處理模擬器。